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Around Brünnstein mtb - Oct 19

2 minute read

I found good rated bike tour around Brünnstein where I have not been yet. I was in Sudelfeld with Danka the previous year. We did not go to Brünnsteinhaus bu...

Around Högl mtb - Sept 19

1 minute read

We often see church in Anger from the highway as we ride to Munich. It is nicely light during the night. We went to explore trails above Anger - around Högl....

Teisenberg mtb - Sept 19

1 minute read

We started early for our pre-work bike ride to Stoißer Alm from Traunstein with Peter. Our target is clear as we are looking at Teisenberg right from the beg...

Schwarzenberg mtb - Sept 19

1 minute read

We are currently having Indian summer in Germany! Because of the sunny weekend, roads were jammed around Munich. We found schwarzenberg bike trail near Bad F...

Martinske hole, Slovakia mtb - Sept 19

1 minute read

We went back home to Slovakia for couple of days. We brought our bikes with us, since there are some very nice trials and tracks in Velka Fatra. Couple of fr...

Baumgartenschneid trail mtb - Sept 19

1 minute read

Days are becoming shorter, with less opportunities for post-work rides like this one :/. Soon, we will need to do early morning trips rather than evening ones.

Kampenwand Reitweg trail mtb - Sept 19

1 minute read

After work ride with Peter in Kampenwand area in the middle of the week. We had sunny weather in Munich therefore we could not resist to cycle after work. I ...