Chiemgau Alps: Kampenwand mtb round - Nov 19

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Although it is almost the end of November, the weather was playing along for some biking. I did a round tour around Kampenwand. Actually the route was more like 3 little rounds below the Kampenwand.

The first part was actually not a very exciting one - I maybe would skip it the next time. Little urban biking from the parking lot and some forests. The second part was really nice. Not all to easy hike with great views, some little S1 descents. The last part has the most singletrials, easy ones. However, they were covered by leaves which made it impossible to see the surface and the whole thing was very slippery. Surprisingly, I met quite a lot of bikers that day.

The most exciting of the day was the weather, ironically. While it was totally cloudy, foggy and cold in Munich, it was sunny and relatively warm in Aschau in Chiemgau. I was actually wearing a short sleeved shirt on the way up, pretty sweet taste of summer just before winter.

Kampenwand mtb - Nov 19

Tour info

50 min
Parking lot at Aschau im Chiemgau
2 hours

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