Chiemgau: Schwarzenberg trails mtb - Oct 21

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The sunny and warm days came back! The first October weekend was very good weather, perfect for bike ride.

We started in Festhalle Aschau parking lot, it’s paid since few years. There was a control check at lunch time. The first kilometers are going around Rohnerkopf. This traverse is on the gravel road, it is going through multiple different meadows. We passed by the parking lot at Lederstube, the usual spot for Hochries hikes.

The ascent starts at Kranzl tiny village. There is one descent between and we were right below Schwarzenberg. The trail goes down to Winterstubn. There are two options, the last time we chose trail on the right. There are wires along the trail, we did not feel confident passing by. This time, we went to left. The trail is easier. After about a kilometer, we joined the gravel road. It continues all the way to Hofalm. This is the most crowded part, where we met lot of hikers.

From Hofalm, we descended through the meadow towards the forest. This is Auenland trail. The part in the forest contains lot of rock sections, I would rate it as S2 (S1 often but there are few parts S2). We returned back to Hofalm and we continued down to Aschau.

The third trail of the day is Milliweg trail, rated as S2 (first half is S1, later lot of loose rocks, few S2 spots). There is a respect sign at the beginning, it was not here back then. We always respect hikers and let them pass first, it’s not about pushing your bike.

Schwarzenberg trails mtb - Oct 21

Tour info

50 minutes from Munich
Festhalle Aschau parking lot, 5 euros per day
2:30 hours

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