Chiemgau: Kampenwand trails mtb - July 21

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I realized while looking at Kampenwand map area we never reached Steinlingalm by bike. The last time we bailed out earlier at Gorialm.

The parking lot was almost full, possibly due to warm weather without any rain. It’s been raining almost daily in the last weeks. Hey, summer where are you? :-)

The beginning is harder, there is about 1 kilometer of rocky section that possibly became more rough after these rains but it might be just me not remembering it well. It’s easy to navigate, just following bike signs. We passed by Gorialm where most of the people ended their climb (it was full of people even when we were going back and it was close to sunset).

The most challenging part became after Gorialm where we started overtaking bunch of cyclist and we decided to keep the pace higher. It tooks us 2:30 hours to reach Steinlingalm. We were alone with just 2 more bikers. The Alm was closed already as we arrived late but they provide fridge outside where you can find drinks and you can leave money, nice!

We continued to Panorama weg, to gain about 30 ascent meters. This is usually crowded but not at this hour during the week. We were alone enjoying the views (the teaser picture is the one we took from there).

We descended via normal access road that is damaged due to heavy machinery have been using it. Two parts are quite steep, loose gravel (rain helped as well), even walking was difficult for a bit, we were going along the road. So the fun trail starts at Gorialm.

The first short section is S2 trail to reach the meadow. Couple of turns and you are at the meadow. The trail here is S0, we would not repeat this part if we can the next time. Once we joined the Reitweg, we recognized where we were and we continued on well-know trails down to Aschau.

Kampenwand trails mtb - July 21

Tour info

55 minutes from Munich
Naturbad Aschau, free
2:00 hours

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