Lenggries: Seekarkreuz and Schönberg skitour - Jan 22

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Sorry for not posting more than 2 years any skitour adventure. I realized the last one is from 2019, pretty sad, isn’t it? We did plenty skitours, we just haven’t got time to write or they were not interesting.

I was looking for a skitour with multiple possibilities for ski descent. We went up to Seekarkreuz 2 years ago as hikers after my shoulder dislocation. I still remember skitourer who went down a south facing slope. I was so envy I could not be him at that time. As there are multiple peaks around like Schönberg or Hochplatte, we decided to give it a go.

We started from the private parking (as I recall it’s cheaper than the regular one - at least for now…). When I was planning the skitour, I did not notice one important detail. Going up to Seekarkreuz from Hohenburg is 10km on the access road. It is quite flat, so not ideal for skinning up - to clarify - it is boring).

Once we got out of the forest (close to Brandkopf), we saw Seekarkreuz. The way up from the east is easy, just stay away from the right side as there are blown snow patches. The descent was quite good. Sometimes snow crust, sometimes powder. We stopped at Rauhalmhütte, where we took a short break.

We continued from Rauhalmhütte towards Schönberg. The path is marked here due to nature reserves all around. We continued via the top hiking route (we realized there is skitouring way around as there was a fence and a lot of trees blocking the way). The ascent to Schonberg from Mariaeck is easy. There are only very few steeper parts (where the trail gets narrow).

It was windy at the top and we hesitated for a moment to continue to the cross and go down from there or just the way we went up. We decided to go down via the west descent route. This was the best part of the day as I can tell. We were deep in the powder snow, steep enough to do nice turns. After all the nice turns, we did couple of more turns through the forest and we joined the access road. There was not much snow further down, the access road contained a lot of stones. We had to carry our skis often.

Seekarkreuz and Schönberg skitour - Jan 22

Tour info

1 hour
Parking lot at Hohenburg, the other one after the river - private one, 2 euros
around 6:30 hours (Note, we were slow and waiting for other group)

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