Bad Tölz: Zwiesel trail mtb - Nov 19

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The very last minute visit was planned on Friday. We agreed to go for hike and bike on Saturday - find a trail that can be accessed by a bike and also by foot. Browsing the map, I realized I haven’t yet descend from Zwiesel. It is marked as black diamond singletrack.

We were two groups - me & Lukas on bikes. Danka, Katka and Palo on foot. They started from the Blomberg lift station and we started from Bad Heilbrunn. Our plan was to meet at Blomberghaus. It took us 1:15 hour to get to the hut. It is opened during the weekends now. The last part of the gravel road leading to the hut was covered by snow, otherwise it was snow free. The temperature was good for outdoor activities, much warmer than in the previous days.

Once we rested at Blomberghaus, we continued biking to Zwiesel. We reunited again here on the top of the summit. There were couple of bikers at the summit. The beginning of the trail was covered by snow, not much though as the last warm days melted most of it. Once we entered the forest, the trail was dry all the way down almost. The first part is curvy S1 / S2 up until the meadow where you continue to left. The flowy trails led us to more rocky sections. The trail becomes harder S2 / S3. There are couple of turns that are quite sharp but possible to switch.

The trail varies to our liking. There is one passage that we carried our bikes down for few minutes. Back on the bikes and lot of roots again until we got back to the access road.

  • Nov 19

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1h from Munich
Parking lot at Bad Heilbrunn (there’s one small parking lot behind the bus stop)

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