Chiemgau Alps: Hochries mtb trails - Apr 20

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Originally we had planned a tour that was crossing the border to Austria, which was not ideal due to the covid situation. We changed the route on the fly and took the Panorama trial instead.

The first climb was the longest and hardest. Once we reached the Riesen alm, we took a trial followed by a short (but steep) climb leading us to the aforementioned Panorama trial. Very rewarding views. You might find plenty of fallen rocks on the road below Karkopf. Also there were patches of snow but very little, just making us all look muddy. From Feichteck saddle, the descent continues through the forest all the way to the the Doaglalm. The trial was in mediocre condition due to the many fallen trees, but someone was removing them at the time already - thank you! Otherwise technically easy: some rocky parts, some roots, some drops - most of the way S1, some parts S2. There was only one section were we carried our bikes. Good fun!

The rest of the trip was basically just getting back to the car. We took forest roads, that were partially concrete and some easy trials. This was actually unexpectedly nice. The occasional small climb kept our heart rate going and the trails were a welcomed reward.

There are multiple “Alms” on the way and we cant wait until we can actually visit (when this will be allowed again).

Hochries trail hunting mtb - Apr 20

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50 minutes
Parking place at Lederstube
4 hours

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