Mangfall mountains: Taubenberg mtb - Apr 20

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Being inactive on our blog in the last weeks due to not an easy situation for all of us. Much appreciated we can at least do “non-adrenaline” activities outside. The last weekend we decided to do a cycling from Aying. It was our first time visiting Taubenberg area. Our starting point was Bildham Tierpark. The parking lot is closed currently. The first surprise was after the village Aschbach, where is 17% grade. We realized we will need to return the same way. Luckily for us, it is quite short and not that steep as it looked at first. The way goes up-and-down often, but always up-and-down parts are short.

We crossed Mangfall river and we started cycling along the river. The forest road, or sometimes trail goes along the river for about 8 kilometers. As we crossed the river the second time, we made a mistake to continue along the river. The trail looks good from the start (a false reason to follow it), however there are lot of fallen trees later. We carried our bike too many times. After a while we were looking for escape path. If the trail would be clean, it would be definitely fun (S0-S1 trail). After we crossed the highway bridge, we climbed our way to Oberdarching where the road starts. It is just 5 kilometers until reaching the Taubenberg forest road.

Climbing Taubenberg is short (less than 200 ascent meters to the top) but rewarding - the prealps peaks are visible. We continued to the descent part. The trail starts almost right-away from the top. It is quite short and we joined again the forest road. It goes all the way down. Our next stop is Seehamer See. We made a short stop here and continued back to our starting point. The way back is not much entertaining compare to the beginning. Most of the way are asphalt or meadow gravel roads. The last climb that we were so afraid was few minutes of pedaling and wondering later why we had imagined it to be much steeper.

Anyway, good ride with one section to be avoided and some other sections to be found (there are couple of possibilities for descent from Taubenberg) !

Taubenberg mtb - Apr 20

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