Neureuth - Schliersee - Tegernsee mtb - Apr 20

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One of our first mountain bike rides is always Gindelalmschneid. The ascent to Gindelalmschneid provides sufficient steepnes to make us sweat and the descent trail is easy, aligned with the current situation we are facing. There are many possibilities for mountain biking in this area, we even changed our track on the fly today. We decided to go up via access road to Gindelalmschneid, not via a trail to Huberspitz.

As we started, Danka began pedaling harder to overtake two cyclists. We kept this pace for the entire climb. It was quite exhausting, legs need more training. There were couple of cyclists around Gindelalmschneid. We took a short break and continued to Neureuth. I like the forest road, it goes up and down through the forest. Neureuth is closed as we expected. Our next detour was here, I planned to descent via 683 hiking trail but we took 681a. It is the forest road- S1 almost half the way down, later changes to a gravel road until you reach Tegernsee village. This last part is steep asphalt road.

Once we get down to Tegernsee, we followed the cycling road along the Tegernsee to get to the Prinzenweg biking trail. This bike trail leads back to Schliersee. There are only couple of shorter climbs, most of the way back is on a forest road or road through meadows. We met more cyclists here than up in Neureuth.

Schliersee - Tegernsee mtb - Apr 20

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45 minutes
Parking place at Abwinkl in Hausham
2:15 hours

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