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Breitenstein mtb trails - Apr 20

1 minute read

Well, well, getting up at 6 am when you finally get a day off (bank holiday here in Bavaria) is not ideal, but sitting at home is even worse.

Hochries mtb trails - Apr 20

1 minute read

Originally we had planned a tour that was crossing the border to Austria, which was not ideal due to the covid situation. We changed the route on the fly and...

Taubenberg mtb - Apr 20

1 minute read

Being inactive on our blog in the last weeks due to not an easy situation for all of us. Much appreciated we can at least do “non-adrenaline” activities outs...

Kampenwand mtb round - Nov 19

less than 1 minute read

Although it is almost the end of November, the weather was playing along for some biking. I did a round tour around Kampenwand. Actually the route was more l...

Zwiesel (Bad Tölz) trail mtb - Nov 19

1 minute read

The very last minute visit was planned on Friday. We agreed to go for hike and bike on Saturday - find a trail that can be accessed by a bike and also by foo...

Zwiesel trails mtb - Oct 19

2 minute read

When we hiked to Salzburger Hochtron yesterday (I will provide report later this week), there were 2 near peaks in our interest. Zweisel and Hochstaufen. We ...

Around Hochries mtb - Oct 19

2 minute read

This week was full of bike trips. Yesterday bike tour was quite demanding for me, it was mainly due to steep climbing sections with rough terrain. Not to men...