Schliersee: Gindelalm trail mtb - August 20

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This was the first ride to Gindelalm this year, we usually visit this part much earlier. I had it planned 3 weeks ago but the storm came and I rather stayed home. This time was traffic the only problem, somehow Miesbach got completely jammed.

The usual starting point for these trails is Alpengasthof GLÜCK AUF. There is huge parking lot in front of the hotel. The climbing starts once you get through the village. There is also another parking possibility but it is higher and the trails go to Schliersee side. The climb is challenging to do without any pause, there are only few spots where it flattens. I was checking the paths down on the way up, they cross the access road multiple times. As I reached the top, I took a short break and started descending for the first trail of the day. As it was already evening, there was no one on the trails. Something so rare there days, or not?

The first part is full of roots, loose rocks. There is also stream going down the trail for a while. I rate this trail as S1. The second part has 2 tricky section (S2 possibly). It starts with couple of stairs and then lot of roots, drops and bigger rocks. Afterwards it is much easier and just continues all the way down. The last part is the easiest. It is forest road most of the time. The trail ends at the access road. I returned back to the road I went up. From there, you can turn to the Huberspitz (just going straight). The second climb of the day awaits. It is short climb, around 160 meters to ascent. The Huberspitz is opened only in the afternoon (until 17). I again made a mistake and I planned a different trail than I initially wanted. I went down using S1 trail leading to Breitenbach. It is steeper trail as it goes directly down from time to time, no tricky parts here just keep going down. I followed the cyling road from Breitenbach until Abwinkl to reach the starting point.

It was good afterwork ride but the next time I will choose a different descent path from the Huberspitz.

Trail hunting Gindelaml - August 20

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45 minutes from Munich
Alpengasthof GLÜCK AUF, free
2 hours

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