Tegernsee: Nesselscheibe trails mtb - July 20

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We have not been able to cycle afer work in the last weeks. The situation changed this week for Martin at least, he went trail hunting around Nesselscheibe, Tegernsee. The goal was to ascent 1000 meters and descent 2 different trails.

The first kilometers are on the bike trail around Nesselscheibe, leading to Breitenbach. The first small trail to ascend and descend down to the forest road. There is a crossroad, where you can continue on the Bad Wiesseer höhenstraße or take a steep shortcut. I took the shortcut that is steep (above 13 % often) gravel road. As a result, I lost a grip sometimes. The storm was coming from the left, it forced me to pedal faster. I was able to avoid the storm, as it went in a different direction. Lucky me. The last dozen meters to Nesselscheibe are full of roots, I pushed here most of the time to save some energy for descent. The top trail part is full of mud. I got 20 cm deep into it with my front wheels. However, the trail is dry all the way down. It is quite a nice forest trail with a lot of smaller trails going around (I would rate it as S1, at least two section S2). Also trees are closer often, providing many curves to go around them. The tricky part became where there is a sign for bikers to dismount. This section is steep, loosy rocks and also it was wet this week. I understand why there is a detour to the left and also the warning sign. If you do not dismount, do not break much here.

I reached Marienstein and cycled back to Nesselscheibe using Wasenkogel forest road. It is steep at the top part, otherwise fine to ride all the way up. There are a couple of trails leading down from Wasenkogel. I chose the most right (S1 most of the way, the end of the trail could be S2). I even ended up on a completely overgrown road that is not used much, it is advised to stay to the left rather than follow my track. I enjoyed the earlier Nesselscheibe trail than this alternative I took. We shall try the next time to take a different trail down.

My rear tire pressure was too low for the roots and the tube inside, I again ended up with a puncture, at the very end of the trail. It is time to sort out the new tubeless tire.

Trail hunting Nesselscheibe - July 20

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40 minutes from Munich
Kaltenbrunn parking
3:30 hours

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