Chiemgau Alps: Around Hochgern mtb - May 20

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Martin planned a trip around Hochgern with a backup option to bike around if its too busy up there. By the time we arrived, the parking lot was PACKED. Black Friday type of packed. We ended up biking around Hochgern in the hope for less people. Good call!

This is the official bike trail, as shown on the map - 1 + 5 trails combined. We slowly started ascending. The takes little over an hour to reach Jochberg. There is short S0 singletrack leading to it, with great views. As Alms were finally opened, we couldnt resist but to stop for a break. The descent is mostly gravel forest road. First 400 meters lead through a meadow, this segment is rated as S1. You could possibly prolong this by another rial, but it is a short one again.

Once you bike around the hochgern you get the view of a really nice valley created by the Weiße Achen stream. You also get to see Rötlwandkopf is on your right. We are astonished how deep the valley is. The descent is an S0 (basically road), with plenty of loose rocks. There is a cross road for getting to the Vorder-Alm. Martin notice that there sould be some additional single tracks, according to our navi. Once we got close to Vorder-Alm the views opened up with Hochgern on the left and Hochfeln already beehind us. Soon we reached another cross road where we took a left to enter the forest and a trail section. This was a really nice climb, an S1 trail. It leads to Staudacher Alm. The hut is surrounded by rocky mountains. We have to admit, it was so nice that we has a little photoshoot there. The descent from here is via the Schnappenkirche trail, S1. It becomes wider hiking path with lot of rocks, a bumpy ride all the way down to the parking lot. There are couple of shortcuts in the forest (S1 with some S2 drops). The trianl gets you back to where you started. We were noticably happy after the trial, really fun section.

It is possible to do this in the opposite direction. We will most likely be back to do this, now that we found some extra (official) trials up there.

Bike ride around Hochgern - May 20

Tour info

1 hour from Munich
Parking lot at Hochgern Parkplatz, free
4:30 hours

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