Chiemgau alps: Traunstein weekend mtb - May 20

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The weekend with Peter and Barbora in Traunstein area. The first day just a short ride to Stoißer alm as we arrived later in the afternoon on Saturday. The peak is close to Traunstein, you can bike and no car needed. As soon as we cross the highway, the ascent starts. We follow the local roads until the historical border between Salzburg and Bavaria - interesting spot. We turn right here to the forest. The forest is quite soaked due to recent rainfall so we are deep in mud sometimes but still managing to move forward. We arrive to Stoißer alm, where we take a short break. I remember the time from the last year when we cycled here but it was quite busy, not like this time. Although it was busy as plenty of bikers here but the Alm is still closed due to corona. We go up to Tausenberg. There are short trails on the descent (S0-S1). We are back on the forest gravel road and going back direction Traunstein.

Stoißer alm mtb - May 20

We planned longer bike ride on Sunday - Röthelmoosalm bike ride. It is Rupholding official bike trail, marked as such as well. There is only short trail, most of the way is on the forest road. We start from Rupholding, following the river Weiße Traun. We go along the 3 lakes, enjoying the views in the valley. There are lot of cyclists here, crowded valley compare to mountains around. We cross the road at Weistee and start climbing towards Röthelmoosalm. It is much more crowded, lot of hikers and cyclists here. As we want to do more climbing, we do not stop at Röthelmoosalm but continue the same direction up to Hinteralm. We basically go around the small stream, going up and down. We get a closer look at Hochgern at Hinteralm and return back to Röthelmoosalm. From Röthelmoosalm we go to Urschlauer Achen river. There is short single track going down. We join the road and following it until Rupholding. There is one good spot on the way, climbing garden. We shall return here another day.

Röthelmoosalm mtb - May 20

Thanks to Peter & Barbora for hosting us.

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