Garmisch: Osterfelderkopf skitour - Mar 19

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Due to weather and no one to join me for skitour today, I chose Garmisch skitour on ski piste, destination Osterfelderkopf. Saturday morning was warm and sunny (compare to rainy yesterday in Munich). When we were in Garmisch 3 weeks ago, there was good amount of snow in the valley. All gone now. We might bike soon, but wait, ski season not over yet.

I started at the Hausberg lift station, already couple of skitourers on the slope ascending. Most of the skitourers I met before the Kreuzneck bahn. Later I was most of the time going alone. The most interesting part of the day was climb from the bottom Hochalmbahn station. I was close to one snow slide which fell close to the skitour track (it was small but gives the signal to choose wisely). Tricky part was where are the chains around the rock corner- the snow was frozen where I had to traverse a bit. Otherwise fine.

Snow was melting, my expectation for skiing down were low. The first ski slope part until flat passages was good, later snow more slushy. The temperature was high at noon - fine for t-shirt in the valley.

Osterfelderkopf skitour - Mar 19

Tour info

1 hour 20 minutes
Parking lot at Parkplatz Hausberg lift station, free
around 2:50 hour

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