Bayrischzell: Sudelfeld evening skitour - Mar 19

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Sudelfeld ski resort keeps its slopes opened (with restrictions) for evening skitours every Wednesday. There are two routes for skitourers, we chose the route number 1. It starts at Schwebelift station. We started at 19:30 skinning up to our destination - Speck Alm. Small group was ahead of us otherwise we were ascending alone. From time to time skier going down. As we were approaching the lake, head lamps all around us, here comes the crowd! Speck Alm is opened on Wednesday until 21:30, serving hot food only until 21:00.

The conditions were good - clear sky, no winds like we were experiencing days before in Munich (it was windy at the top of the resort). Ski slopes prepared and skiing smooth all the way down. If we get a chance this season, will repeat evening skitour.

Good resources for evening skitours are on nachtskitouren.

Sudelfeld, Bayrischzell - Mar 19

Tour info

1 hour 5 minutes
Parking lot at Parkplatz Schwebelift station, free
around 1:10 hour

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