Mangfall mountains: Brecherspitz-Westgipfel skitour - Mar 19

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Our morning skitour started today very early. We were at 6 am at the Kurvenlift parking lot. There were 5 of us, brave early birds. Our destination is Brecherspitz west peak (its smaller brother). It’s accesible by skis.

We can start on skis from the parking lot. We were progressing with good pace. The beginning goes through the forest until we got to a sled road (Rodelbahn). It leads us to the Brecherspitz hang, the wide area that goes all to the top of our destination. There’s lot of powder (10 cm of powder from Monday/Tuesday). We are surprised how fast we got to the top - our estimation was around 1:30 hours. However we reached the summit within one hour. While waiting for our friends to join us, we were looking around as the visibility is very good. Finding our next lines.

We noticed few stones on the way up. Being careful from the start does not help us much, we cross some stones anyway. All of us can’t complain about the descent today. Fresh snow for good lines. We follow almost the same track back to the parking lot. We only deviate from it by entering the forest a bit earlier.

We are back in Munich after 9 am. Very pleased with timing this time and back to our work duties. We all agreed mornings like this should happen more often.

Brecherspitz skitour with friends - Mar 19

Tour info

1 hour
Parking lot at Parkplatz Kurvenlift station, free
around 1 hour

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