Jesenik: Rychlebske and Lipovske trails, Czech republic mtb - Sept 19

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We had wonderful 3-days weekend in Jesenik at the end of September. We wanted to come to Jesenik for some time as we hear so much about it. We arrived to Jesenik on Thursday evening. Firstly we planned a hike due to rainy foggy day. It was short family hike to Paprsek.

The weather got better on Saturday. Lukas led us to Zlaty Chlum. We started from Jesenik, the trail goes via various forest roads that lead. Logging is ongoing in the forests around Jesenik. We had to carry bikes few times. As a result of heavy machinery and recent rains, the forest roads were muddy. Zlaty Chlum was busy, dozen of people were enjoying local beer with sausages cooked on the fire there. The tower is more than 100 years and accessible to public - entrace as I recall was 20 CZK. Our group split here for the descent, as we wanted to follow some local trails down. Danka, me and Lukas turned from the regular hiking path to more narrow trails - rated S1 (only few steeper sections could be S2). We turned to another trail called “Krizova cesta” - rated S1. I got flat tire right before this trail unfortunately. I started to feel my rear tire drifting from side to side. I realized it is loosing air right under my feet. I stopped and fixed it partly only. I followed others but had to push my bike the last 20 minutes. I decided to fix it properly once we get back home.

Danka decided to stay home as she did not feel the best in the recent days. Me and Lukas went for afternoon rides in Lipovske stezky. These trails were without much traffic, we only met 4 more bikers. The trails are shorter, curvy with couple of bumps (what we biked there was S0 - S1 trails). We did couple of them for a hour or so to be back home before the sunset.

Sunday was reserved for Rychlebske stezky - trails we heard so much. We had only morning reserved for biking as we still had to travel back to Munich later that day. We managed to cycle trails Naucna stezka and Velryba. Me and Danka quickly realized we should have done something easier at first - this was our first time on the type of trails like Velryba (we did not want to try Wales as the next one but rather decided to continue to Superflow). We stopped soon after the beginning to cool down and had to find a good pace for descending. Velryba trail was easier after we got “the feeling”.

The next one and our last one to get down to valley - Superflow trail. As there has been logging in the forests, not all sections were ride-able - there was a short detour. The loggers were there even on Sunday. This was the fun of the day for us! Pity we did not manage more, left plenty of trails for our next visit.

Jesenik CZ mtb - Sept 19

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Zlaty chlum

Lipovske stezky

Rychlebske stezky