Martinske hole Slovakia mtb - Sept 19

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We went back home to Slovakia for couple of days. We brought our bikes with us, since there are some very nice trials and tracks in Velka Fatra. Couple of friends and us chose a crest trail starting at Martinske Hole. Some parts of this track have been used for SPEN II (Slovakian Enduro National Cup) this summer, therefore the trials have been cleaned and well prepared.

Martinske Hole is a ski resort and is easily accessible by car. The access road is quite narrow and you should be aware of the many holes. There is a free parking at the end of the road, which is where we left the car. From the parking lot, we biked up to the broadcasting tower and biked along the crest towards Mincol (1363 m.a.s.l). The views along the crest and from Mincol are amazing. The trial is fine to bike on. We encountered couple of hikers on the way. We took a trial (we would rate it as S1) down to the ski resort Holy Diel. Majority of the trial is gravel or mud trials with roots.

From Holy Diel we biked upwards to a very popular trial called Anakonda (rated S1, some parts S2). As a side-note, its said that this trial used to be used by hunters back in the day. Wood logging changed the trail a bit. Pretty sad, the hunting as well as the logging… Anyway, the Anaconda trial is quite fun. It was well prepared due to SPEN II. From there we took the gravel road to the closest pub for refreshments.

Very much recommended for the views. Downhill trials are fun!

Martinske hole mtb - Sept 19

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Parking lot at Martinske hole ski resort, free
3:20 hours

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