Tegernsee: Baumgartenschneid trail mtb - Sept 19

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Days are becoming shorter, with less opportunities for post-work rides like this one :/. Soon, we will need to do early morning trips rather than evening ones.

We chose Baumgartenschneid for mountain bike evening. It is 5 kilometers technical trail (total trip is around 13 kilometers). We started at Tegernsee train station. The first part is familiar to us, we cycled it with my sister a year ago - Prinzenweg bike trail connecting Tegernsee and Schliersee. It has a smooth start, good warm-up. We left Prinzenweg below Sagfleckl, there is S1 trail going up through the forest - this was the nicest part of the ascending. The trail started to be difficult for riding our bikes after Sagfleckl. We put our bikes on our shoulders and continued to Baumgartenschneid.

There is a trail going below Baumgartenschneid, therefore we left our bikes there in the meadows below Baumgartenschneid and went up by foot. No one was on the summit, just us. We only met one trail runner descending otherwise no one was around. The trail starts from the summit, rated as S2 most of the time. There are harder passages with steep turns or large drops on very narrow trail (we would rate it S3). The sun was going down quickly during our descend and we had to use headlamps in the last hundreds meters (it is much darker in the forest). We were surpised with a beautiful night view of Tegernsee and stopped and enjoyed the view with the silence around us.

Challenging trail, happy to repeat with less carrying the next time!

Baumgartenschneid trail mtb - Sept 19

Tour info

50 minutes
Parking lot at Tagernsee train station, 1 euro per hour (we paid 1 euro after 17 as after 19 is free)
3 hours

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