Kochel am See: Sonnenspitz - Jochberg - Rabenkopf hike - Jun 19

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I have alredy been to area near to Kochel am See twice but never started our hike directly from Kochel am See. Once we ended our bike weekend here, the second time was Herzogstand hike 3 weeks ago. We wanted to visit again this area. I found few hikes to Sonnenspitz or Jochberg or Rabenkopf - usually started from different places. This gave me an idea to connect all of them together.

We started from Kochel am See. Our first summit was Sonnenspitz. There are good singletracks around here. The ascent becomes steep later, it is narrow and curvy. The Sonnespitz views are incredible, however not 360 panorama as Jochberg or Rabenkopf provide - much nicer panorama views. We continued from Sonnenspitz to Jochberg. You loose some meters, the trail goes down first and then up again. Jochberg provides views all around with even two tables identifying most of the peaks you can see. Karwendel mountain range is still snow covered. Skitour anyone now?

The trail goes down from Jochberg and continues up and down until you reach meadows below Rabenkopf. This is the 3rd ascent of the day, going again above 1500 m.a.s.l.. Rabenkopf is popular (same goes to Jochberg), expect more people here (we haven’t met many hikers/bikers on the way from Jochberg to Rabenkopf). The descent from Schwarzeck is steep, gravel and very curvy - it might be better to ascent than descent. You loose most of the meters in very short time. From Orteler alm it is mostly gravel road. I recommend on the way back to turn to Lainbachfall watterfalls. That is what we did, small ascent leads to nice waterfalls. We were there alone to our surprise.

There are 3 alms along the trail where you can have refreshments (no overnight stays though!). I have discovered plenty of singletracks in the area, we will get back here on bikes.

4 summits hike from Kochel am See - Jun 19

Tour info

1 hour
Parking lot at “Parkplatz at Kochelsee”, free during the day
9 hours

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Sonnenspitz part

The rest of the hike

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