Chiemgau Alps: Kampenwand hike - May 19

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Almost all our friends are our of town, another day to go hiking alone. I decided to go to Kampenwand. We did one skitour there the last winter (I consider it’s already summer now :-P ). Due to strong winds and fog we did not reach the top and returned early. Today was the day to reach the summit by foot!

I parked the car at 9 am, parking lot almost empty. Not that many people going up, met only few. THe initial kilometers are on the asphalt road, later gravel road. I was glad once I turned to the forest where hiking trail started. I was surprised to see bikers with hard tails going down - it was all wet because it rained. Trail was quite rocky (I would rate it S1, sometimes S2). As I approached Steinlingalm, people started appearing much more. Plenty of bikers and hikers going up to the hut.

Few of us continued to Kampenwand. There is still big snow field right below Kampenwand. As temperatures rises this week, it was soft - easy to walk. There are two more smaller snow patches in the scrambling area, I walked over them. Otherwise the entire trail is snow free. Once I got up, I realized what we missed when we were not able to complete our skitour. The views towards Chiemsee are nice.

I did not want to go the same way so chosen to follow the road to Kampenwandbahn. As I walked I found one turn to the forest, I was fed up with asphalt again. To my surprise, I ended up walking on very good looking singletrack (S1 most of the time). We will return with bikes the next time.

Kampenwand hike - May 19

Tour info

1 hour
Parking lot at “Parkplatz zur Maisalm”, free
4 hours

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