Tegernsee: Hirschberg mtb - June 19

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My yesterday after work mountain-biking round started in Kreuth. We haven’t visited this area yet. This was my first discovery ride to look around what has been waiting for us.

I started in Kreuth, pedaling along the river. Good warm up of the tour - it goes up and down for 6 kilometers. Once you cross the river and road, the ascent gravel road starts. There are many more parking spots because of so many hiking trails. The ascent goes up smoothly, just one or two short steeper sections.

The road opens when you approach Schwarzentenn-Alm. Buchstein and other peaks around are visible. More ascent meters awaits until the Weidberg-Alm. Note, the last few hundreds meters are forbidden for bikes. I walked here. The way down goes through various forest paths, I would rate it S1 (S2 in some sections, very few). There are sections with fallen trees crossing trails where you have to carry your bike over, quite visible ahead.

On the way back the road was closed to Tegernsee, I had to go all around via Lenggries - what a surprise (this was not the only detour unfortunately).

Schinder bike & ski skitour - Apr 19

Tour info

50 minutes
Parking lot in Kreuth (along the road there are some free, closer to hiking paths are paid - 3 euros per day)
1:40 hours

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