Spiztingsee: Rauhkopf skitour - Feb 19

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It snowed a bit in the beginning of this week, thus I chose to do short pre-work skitour on Wednesday to check conditions prior the weekend. I started earlier today, at 7 am. Only few cars at the parking lot, good sign, I am early! As it was going to be sunny, fresh snow - more people expected later. Quite a number around 9 am there today as I was going down already.

I started with faster pace in the beginning, not good after recovering from sickness the previous week. Therefore I had to slow down. Snow conditions were clear since the beginning, it was around 15 to 20 cm of new snow. I was going alone, followed by group of 3 skitourers. They also went up to Rauhkopf. Few others went direction Tanzeck.

It took me today something over 1 hour to reach Rauhkopf, 1698 m.a.s.l. The top part was icy, packed snow hardened by wind. Looks like saddles/summits around Spitzingsee might need caution this weekend or the higher temperatures might just melt that hardened snow. As soon as I lowered by 50 meters from the summit, the skiing was more fun! Beautiful start of the day!

We should have sunny days the upcoming weekend however warmer, too much I would say for winter (weather forecast is ~10 degrees at 1500 m.a.s.l for Spintzingsee :-/).

Rauhkopf, Spitzingsee skitour - Feb 19

Tour info

55 minutes
Parking lot at Taubenstein lift, Spitzingsee, 5 euros for parking
around 1:10 hour

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