Velka Raca skitour (Slovakia) - Feb 19

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Todays forcast was not very favorble so we have chosen an easy on-piste tour. Our dear friend Martin acompanied us. We went to a ski resort called Velka Raca and went up along piste called Laliky. We chose skitour/hiking track 15. This track ends at the top Laliky ski lift station. We continued further along the ridgeline until the peak Velka Raca, which is actually just on the boarder to Poland. The view from there is pretty good, considering it is just 1236 m.a.s.l.

The snow conditions - icy in the morning and almost spring like firn towards midday. Better than our expectations prior the tour. The hut on the polisch side (Schronisko PTTK) was opened, busy inside. We were lucky it did not rain neither winds (it started raining once we got back to Zilina).

Velka Raca skitour - Feb 19

Tour info

Parking lot at Laliky Ski lift, free
around 1 hour, 590m

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