Spitzingsee: Taubenstein skitour - Jan 19

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Second week of avalanche danger 4 in Prealps here. What can we do ? Wait, wait until we get to more stable days? After few days of waiting, here we come - 3 and going to 2 ! Ski resorts are getting back to normal, no more road closures around (few are still closed even today but much less than before). Time to find a spot for tour today? Yes!

First proposal was Wendelstein as I have seen some recent tours from there - want to see that view ! I came there early in the morning, parked my car at Wendelstein lift and look around. First notice - lot of heavy tracks, firefighters, big army trucks. This does not look good? I checked the skitour start where the map is located there to review the tour start. There is a label that skitour is not advised, avalanche danger. Snow patrol at the lift told me not to go, as they triggered some avalanches (or they will, did not fully undestand them, my german is still limited in some ways). I turned around within a second, Spitzingsee it is for today.

Taubenstein - not many cars for Friday morning. Seeing just 2 skitourers while I get a parking ticket (5 euros for parking but got 4.80 only in coins as I already paid for Wendelstein parking 3 euros. I am saved by down parking by the road). First thing I notice - LVS checkpoint - awesome ! We need more places like this. It made me realize my LVS is off, lets check. Going up, deciding to go direction Rauhkopf or Tanzeck. As I climb, I do not feel comfortable alone. I can see some slides around, it is snowing slightly and all just for me. I decided to turn above Glockenwand, time to go down to be back in morning to start my working day.

Downhill skiing passing Glockenwand - fresh snow - 5 cm, crusty sometimes but my skies went through without problems. Lower parts after I passsed Schönfeldhütte were more crusty, some bumps as a result of older tracks.

Back to the car in less than two hours, time to go back to Munich to start a working day. I am glad I did not give up after Wendelstein fiasko :)

Taubenstein skitour - Jan 19

Tour info

55 minutes drive from Munich
Parking lot at Taubenstein lift, 5 euros per day.
around 1:00 hour

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