Chiemgau Alps: Kampenwand skitour - Jan 19

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It’s been snowing almost the entire week, making us very happy but the situation got critical in some parts of Prealps. Lot of huts are closed due to the snow and avalanche risks. The same for few ski resorts around Munich.

Kampenwand has not been closed in the last days and we have never been there previously. Roads were fine in the morning, less than one hour drive. Parking situation suprised us. We were not allowed to park at Kampenwandbahn, no skitourers allowed. Turned around, went to Parkplazt festhalle, closed completely! We eventually found a privat spot, an owner allowed us to stay there for two hours - this is our time limit, good challenge.

Skinning up on the ski slope entirely. There are possibilities through the forest, for another time. It tooks us around 1:30h to the top lift station. It was windy, snowing and foggy. Not going further, skins off and descent. Snow was good but slushy in the lower part.

We will come back for skiing, plenty freeride possibilities and wide ski area (at least what fogs allowed us to see).

Kampenwand skitour - Jan 19

Tour info

55 minutes drive from Munich
Parking lot at Kampenwandbah, 10 euros per day if not skiing. We were told no skitourers today and had to find another parking spot.
around 1:30 hour

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