Vratna: Poludnovy grun skitour (Slovakia) - Dec 18

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This is going to be a short entry of our first ski tour in Slovakia. We went to Poludnovy Grun in Ski resort Vratna-Paseky (Mala Fatra range), close to Zilina. This was an on piste ski tour. We started at the parking lot and basicallly followed the lifts all the way up. The first part was prepared by pisten bully. The second was not prepared as it was not open yet, however there was enough snow to comfortably ski down from the top of the lift. Unfortunately, we did not make it all the way to the peak because of strong wind and lack of snow on the exposed sites.

We will be coming back to Ski resort Vratna-Paseky for a ski day with the family before Christmas comes.

Poludnovy Grun skitour gallery - Dec 18

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