Tegernsee: Hirschberg skitour - Dec 18

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The second skitour this year started on the piste again, in Hirschberg. There is just enough snow to start the tour from the parking lot. The piste was fine on the climb but above the forest line, rocks were visible. I knew this will be tough for my skis today. Weather was better than snow conditions, clouds covered only valleys. There was clear sky with sun shining above 1200 m.a.s.l.

Rocks are visible in upper places (see 2nd picture in the gallery above). As a result, I hit few rocks on my ski down although I went through the forest to avoid the most of them. We will return here but after some snowing, it might possibly be a night ski tour (see the last picture in the gallery for details) - it is every Thursday from 18 do 22.

Hirschberg skitour gallery - Dec 18

Tour info

1 hour drive from Munich
Parking lot Hirschberg (Parkplatz Hirschberg), 2 euros per day
around 2 hours

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