Walchensee: Sachenbach mtb - July 19

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We returned on our bikes to a place I hiked few weeks back (Sonnenspitz blog post). We discovered few singletracks in the area but one I did not back then was Sachenbach trail. As it is rated S3, I was skeptical about going down the trail (some pics show rocky sections I am not yet fond of - just more practice :-) ). You can go around via gravel road and later hiking path (S0-S1). Of course that was not our case.

Our starting point was Kochel am See, early in the morning to avoid the hot sunny afternoon. The ascent is gravel road all the way to Sachenbach trail. It’s less than 2 hours to the trail - there are multiple ways to reach it we just followed signs and the road. It goes a bit around.

We decided not to climb any higher to the hut below Jochberg but rather to enjoy the lake. The beginning of the trail is fine. After few dozen of meters the rocks started to be more apparent and drops bigger. Once this steeper rocky section ended, we followed the gravel road down and took one more turn to the forest, S1 singletrack all the way down to the lake. Half of the biking done day so far, the next destination is Pionierweg. As we started climbing towards it, my freehub started being opened (pulls are not engaging properly) and I was not able to pedal anymore. I was lucky as the way back to our starting point was all the way down - almost pedal free. I wanted to avoid a road, found forest path next to the road, rated as S0-S1. It leads to the lake. I waited for my friends at the lake. They did not enjoy Pionierweg- I was told it is more hiking path that biking one.

Time to replace the rear freehub to resolve the issue. New freehub part should come tomorrow. Hopefully this will be over.

By the way, I will be away for a month, traveling to Fann mountains, blog again in August!

Sachenbach mtb - July 19

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1:10 hour
Parking lot at Kochel see, free
4 hours

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