Karwendel: Schöttelkarspitze & Soiernsee round hike - Jun 19

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I discovered Soiernsee this week while browsing Instagram and I immediately checked if we can sleep over in the hut (Soiernhaus). There were 5 places left on Friday (nothing for Saturday) Let’s do it. I was surprised to see in hut conditions: arrival prior 17, the reservation will be freed after 19. This was not ideal for our plan to hike via few peaks on Friday ater work. I contacted the hut via various sources (email, phone, sms), no reponse so we prepared ourselves for everything.

The ascent is via Schöttelkarspitze was much more appealing to us than via Fischbach. The beginning of the trail starts to follow Hüttlebach stream. It leads us to Hüttlebachklamm, nice waterfalls with ladders going up. Similar to a trail we have back home called “Janosikove diery”. This one is short though. Few ladders and we are in the forest where the trail goes most of the way up to Seinskopf. The first panorama place is here - views of Schöttelkarspitze, Wachensee, Mittenwald or Garmisch open at Seinskopf, incredible surroundings.

We continued via traverse trail to the saddle Feldernkreuz. Sun was going down while we are still far away from the hut (not yet even seen it). We have not stopped much since Seinskopf to be as fast as we can to find somewhere to rest. We reached Schöttelkarspitze late in the evening, just at the moment to watch sun going down, hide itself behind mountains. The sky was clear, the evening was warm but only until the sun was gone. I highly recommend this summit for sunrise/sunset! You can view mountain ranges around: Karwendel, Wachensee, Zugspitze and others.

We descended to Soiernhaus, to have breakfast. After the break, we walked around Soiernsee. Our decision where to continue was made. To descent via regular trail back to Krün. Soiernspitze has to wait. Note, Soiernscharte nord part is covered by patches of snow (visible in the gallery). We saw few people going up in the morning. On our way back we met lot of bikers. Many of them leave bikes at the private hut lift station to be able to walk up to the lakes.

Another time Soiernspitze, see you later.

Schottelkarspitze hike - Jun 19

Tour info

1:40 hour
Parking lot at “Wanderparkplatz in Krün”, free
9 hours

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Schöttelkarspitze hike

From Schottelkarspitze to Soiernsee