Tegernsee: Around Rossstein mtb - Jun 19

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We found few singletracks when we hiked to Rossstein 2 weeks ago. The most appealing is the Röhrlmoos Alm trail (it can be found also on trailforks) and one that leads to it (don’t go all the way down via gravel road).

The bike day starts at Parkplatz Klamm (3 euros for a day). The ascent is smooth, on the gravel road and goes all the way to below Sonnberg Alm. There is the new road the last 300 meters. Once it ends, the trail goes up to the Alm, very rocky thus we were carrying our bikes. The downhill starts at the intersection below Rossstein. Here you can descent and ascent a bit. Note, descent from the saddle below Rossstein via singletrack - push your bike here. There is plenty of wood water drainage. They are quite sticky out of the trail. We realized later once we met someone who we had an argument with (the beginning was OK but later probably newer drainage are placed argumently too high). We pushed the bikes until RoĂźsteinalm. Lesson learned and will stay ouf ot them.

We took few turns on the gravel road until the singletrack down to Röhrlmoos Alm. There is at least one more turn earlier, very steep and curvy (I would rate it S3 at least). The later one is S2.

Take a left turn after Röhrlmoos Alm. This singletrack follows Schliffbach all the way down to the main road. It has a good flow, few rocky sections and roots, rated as S2. After this singletrack, there’s gravel road along the river Wiessach back to the parking lot.

Around Rossstein mtb - Jun 19

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1:10 hour
Parking lot at Bayerwald, 3 euros per day
3 hours

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