Tegernsee: Blauberg hike - Jun 19

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I am visiting 4th in the row the same destination - right below Tegernsee. You know that feeling when you hike and find singletracks? Then you ride your bike there and find mountain range for hike? The latter was the case for us as we discovered Blauberg crest hike on Friday. The hike is not that long, 20 kilometers total but due to the rocky sections on the way up and also down, it takes a bit longer.

The beginning of the trail starts smoothly on a gravel road. There is Siebenhütten after first 20 miuntes walking. You can stop by here, or as we did on the way back. It is recommended to ascent towards Predigtstuhl - steep rocky section with many fixed ropes. This is the direction we followed. Once you reach Predigtstuhl summit, you are on the crest leading to Haslerspitz (still way to go and more ascent meters to gain as there is still around 300 altitude meters difference). The views are great. You can see Tegernsee, Spitzingsee mountains (Rotwand, also Rotwandhaus), Schneider summit, Rofan mountains plus others as well. It is worth doing it in conditions favoring the good visibility. The hike goes up almost all the way to the last summit, Haslerspitz. The descent from Haslerspitz might be challenging for some people. I suspect trail changed after winter, expect some loose ground. No wonder there is a warning on the top.

Our conditions varied, there was fog at times or clouds but we managed to get good visibility. To our surprise, we only met half of dozen hikers, mostly around Haslerspitz. The rest of the hike was just us. Perhaps due to weather forecast - it was expected to have storms with heavy ranes later in the afternoon. The weather was however cloudy almost no rain until 5 pm.

It is worth doing this crest trail, plan entire day. There are 2 snow patches that has to be crossed before you touch the rocky trail up to Predigtstuhl. They look like a bridge and fine to be crossed as the snow is greatly compact. Check pictures below for details.

Blauberg crest hike - Jun 19

Tour info

1:10 hour
Parking lot at Wild bad Kreuth, 3 euros per day
7:30 hours

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