Lenggries: Brauneck skitour - Jan 19

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It has been constantly snowing in Munich since yesterday. We were warned prior the weekend but who would think 20 cm of snow can cause today’s traffic. Our 50 minutes drive to Prealps region was 1 hour and 30 minutes at least (including avoiding highways with stationary traffic).

I chose Brauneck as my go-to place for today, to stay on the safe side and not home. There is more than enough snow in the forest (at least 20-30 cm), the climb was without any problems. I met some freerides in the upper forest who were searching for new lines. The weather started to be more challenging above the Panorama restaurant. The wind was throwing the icy snow to my face constantly up there.

After reaching Brauneck pit stop at Brauneck-Gipfelhaus as always. As I forgot my ski googles, I had to fight with snow flakes (reminder for the next time, ski googles are important and it can snow!). The slope was already bumpy (it was only 11 am) with plenty kids (I chose the wrong slope, my bad (: ).

Brauneck skitour - Jan 19

Tour info

1 hour drive from Munich
Parking lot at Draxlhang, 2 euros per day
around 1:30 hour

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