Mangfall mountains: Around Brünnstein mtb - Oct 19

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I found good rated bike tour around Brünnstein where I have not been yet. I was in Sudelfeld with Danka the previous year. We did not go to Brünnsteinhaus but turned earlier to cross Austria to go to Thiersee.

I found free parking lot at Winter-Erlebnispark Bayrischzell. I passed by Sudelfeld Schwebe ski lift as the bike trail goes through it and continues via forest road (it’s ski way back to the lift, it is used during the winter by skitourers as well). It started to be steep after couple of minutes, not the best warm up. There are 2 parts that are steep with loose rocks, otherwise ride-able. The forest road leads to “Unteres Sudelfeld”. I crossed the ski slopes and turned to the first trail of the day, rated S1. It was muddy, wet but enjoyable all the way down (compare to the ride we did a week ago). I met first people after I completed this trail and started cycling again on the forest road. It goes all the way to Seelachen Alm. After the Alm, I turned to rocky S1 trail that became also steep. I had to push the bike for couple of minutes.

Once you reach the highest point of the day, there is a trail leading down to the forest road (Wanderweg 655) to Brünnsteinhaus. This was the last part I had fun today. I stopped by for a break at Brünnsteinhaus. It is still opened. The disappointment was when I found the way down completely flat, it was made probably only recently. What I climbed I just cycled down on brakes. No rock, root or any sort of fun. The turning point for me was when I climbed back up to the other side of the valley and saw Brünnstein. I realized right away I should have taken a shorter path. This came after I met couple of hunters. They made me stop 3x as their cars stopped, they talked to each other and continued after a minute or so.

I reached Wirstalm sattel, the second climb done. There are man-made stairs, with sharp curves, rated S3. I just carried the bike over these to cycle a bit where I could. Right after there is S1 trail until I was back on another forest road. This one led me back to the valley. I continued via cycling path along the road back to Bayrischzell.

If you want to repeat, don’t go the way down from Brünnsteinhaus as I did. Find a better path. I’ll look at maps to find better escape trail.

Around Brünnstein mtb - Oct 19

Tour info

1 hour from Munich
Parking lot at Winter-Erlebnispark Bayrischzell, free
4:30 hours

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