Chiemgau Alps: Teisenberg mtb - Sept 19

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We started early for our pre-work bike ride to Stoißer Alm from Traunstein with Peter. Our target is clear as we are looking at Teisenberg right from the beginning. The sun is slowly going up in the morning, it should warm us up later when we start climbing.

Once we cross A8 highway, the forest road starts. We pass by a parking lot, only 2 cars parked there. The gravel forest load leads to Stoißer Alm. There are just two parts going down for a bit where you can rest otherwise it goes up all the way. The forest road is nicely cleaned after the recent logging (visible fallen trees and branches around). The ascending to the hut took us around 1 hour. The last ascending is quite steep - connecting trail between the forest road and trail on the top. I tried to ride it all the way up but I could not manage, more practices needed :) The sun was already up, it felt like a summer day. People were sitting on the terrace at Stoißer Alm, lot of bikers visited the hut today with us. I noticed skitour route on the way there are DAV Skitour signs. There are couple of skitour trails leading to Stoißer Alm. We shall come back this winter.

Once rested, we had to go back home quickly. Our initial goal was to descent via Neuhäusltrail. Due to time constrains, we had to chose a shorter way down. We turned left instead of right for Neuhäusltrail. We followed the top part as we climbed it, then continued down via another trail. This was S1 trail. Firstly, few smaller roots and rocks. It became more rough and enjoyable. There is one tree fallen otherwise clean.

Teisenberg mtb - Oct 19

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