Schliersee: Gindelalm mtb - Sept 19

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There is going to be change in the weather in the following days. I noticed in the forecast for Tirol light snowing predicted, should I be worried winter is coming so early? Anyway, weather is nice these days thus we planned a bike ride after work. I have not yet ridden my “training” round to Gindelalm so I proposed that one to my friends, no objections.

When we arrived to the parking lot, there were cars with bike racks so we knew there will be plenty bikes up there. The start is not that simple from this parking lot as you have to make few turns through the village to get to the road going up. It’s easy for me now that I know the road. Once you arrive to the road leading up, it starts ascending slowly. There are few spots that are flat otherwise almost the entire way is going up. The last few hundreds meters to Gindelalm are flat. All three Alms up there were opend today after 18 when we arrived. There were lot of bikers and hikers as well. Not only us wanted to enjoy one of the last summer days (hope not, we want more).

Once you take a turn from Gindelalm, you cycle for about 10 minutes through the forest going up and down until you reach the singletrack going all way down. It’s smooth S1 trail with few zick-zack. This is the favorite part. Be aware there are hikers who might be suprised to see you (speaking from experience).

Gindelalm mtb - Sept 19

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50 minutes
Parking lot at Alpengasthof Glück auf, free
2 hours

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