Allgäu: Tegelberg - Säuling 2 days hike - Oct 20

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We did not spend many night at the huts this year, the last time I was in Ester mountains for a weekend. Therefore we started looking if something was available, a hut somewhere where we have not been yet. We found Fritz-Putz Hütte, it has online booking system so we could easily find some available places. The location is perfect, in Allgäu mountains. We visited the area once to see one of the most famous castles, Neuschwanstein. Athough it turned out that the castle was not our cup of tea (a story for another day).

We started early on Saturday. The hike starts at Tegelberg lift station. Note, the parking there is time limited as you are not supposed to park overnight (22h-6h). We started ascending via the trail that is also for skitouring. It goes through Rohrkopfhütte and Tegelberghaus. We had a short break at Tegelberghaus. The sun was shining and we were enjoying a very warm day at the end of October.

From Tegelberghaus, we continued to Branderschrofen. This is just a small detour worth taking, with small scrambling to the peak’s top. We continued towards the hut. We reached one more peak along the way, Ahornspitze. The views are pretty spectacular and before we knew it, we were planning future trips. From Ahornspitze, we started descending to Bleckenaustraße, which leads to the Fritz-Putz Hut. The hut was renovated and it provides everything a hiker needs.

Second day we continued to Säuling, Danka decided to have a rest day. The trial to Säuling starts directly from the hut and traverses to the peak. Somehow we managed to get pg the trial but then found our way back, by ascending 50 vertical meters. We scrambled through the dry stream back to the trail. A rocky section starts by the end of the traverse. There are fixed ropes and one or two ladders, nothing exposed or difficult. There was only one fellow hiker that we have encountered along the hike.

The descended lead to Säulinghaus (again fixed ropes, plenty of rocks) which was unfortunately closed so we continued towards Neuschwanstein. From the Säulinghaus, it’s just easy hike back to the car, basically a descent through the forest back to the castle and then down to the village.

Allgäu: Tegelberg - Säuling weekend hike - Oct 20

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1:25 hour
Parking lot at Tegelberg, paid. No overnight parking allowed, you better to park it somewhere nearby
11 hours (total)

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