Tegernsee: Leonhardstein hike - Jun 20

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This post will be short, as was the trek. We wanted to do a quick recovery trek after two days of mtb and chose to go to Leonhardstein. It looks impressive from the valley and we have been passing by for a while now. The time has finally come to check it out!

The trek start from Kreuth village, below Tegernsee. There are red markings from the parking lot all the way to the summit (marked well). Note, it is rated black due to the scrambling part close to the top. The first half of the ascent is either gravel or wide trial. We noticed that bikes are allowed on that segment. It looks like an S1/S2, so we will be back soon. The second half of the ascent is a lot steeper, partially scrambling but no special equipment is required. We have not met many people, however the rocks and paths looked like they have seen a fair share of visitors. The views from the summit are great. This would be a perfect spot for watching the sunset.

There is no other descent option besides the path we came up on. We did the whole trek in about 2:30 hours. Really nice trial if you are looking for something short and a bit more adventurous. Leonhardstein actually looks quite impressive from the valley as well as from the summit. We will be back soon, next time with bikes.

Leonhardstein afternoon hike - Jun 20

Tour info

1:00 hour
Parking lot at Kreuth, along the road, free
2:30 hours

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