Mangfall mountains: Wendelstein hike - Dec 19

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Wendelstein is considered a must do tour while in Munich. So we decided Anke should not miss this one. Luckily the weather played along and we were able to do it.

Our original plan was to start in the morning, but we failed terribly - for no reason in particular. We just kinda had a nice stress-free breakfast and it took some time. Finally, we started at noon again. At least it was nice and cosy by the time we started walking.

The ascent below the tree line was snow free. There was snow cover above the it. Partially it was slippery and shoe chains came in handy.

The descent was a bit trickier. By the time we were coming down, most of the previously snowy parts have become icy. Challenging, but doable if one walks carefully. By the time we got the the parking lot it was dark already.

Another great day with great company, and more to come. Keep tuned !

Wendelstein hike - Dec 19

Tour info

1 hour
Parking lot at Weldenstein Bahn for 2 euros
2.5 hours

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