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Ellmauer Halt hike - July 20

3 minute read

We go to the mountains A LOT. On bikes, on foot, on skis, we even climb them sometimes. However, we have never been on a ferrata together, even though there ...

Leonhardstein hike - Jun 20

1 minute read

This post will be short, as was the trek. We wanted to do a quick recovery trek after two days of mtb and chose to go to Leonhardstein. It looks impressive f...

Wendelstein hike - Dec 19

less than 1 minute read

Wendelstein is considered a must do tour while in Munich. So we decided Anke should not miss this one. Luckily the weather played along and we were able to d...

Grubereck (von Kreuth) hike - Dec 19

less than 1 minute read

And the fun goes on! A dear friend of mine, Anke, is visiting for a week and we planned to spend our time wisely: in the mountains of course!

Hochgern hike - Dec 19

1 minute read

The last weekend we spent with friends in Traunstein. We decided to go for a hike on our way back on Sunday. Hochgern is on the way, a hut opened all year. ...