Karwendel: Hochglückscharte skitour - May 19

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As result of the temperatures drop earlier this week in Munich, we have snow in Prealps again. Couple of webcams I checked showed new snow - places that were green were white again. I wanted to do bike & ski in Karwendel in April, however we have not managed to do it (mainly before 1st of May as the toll road Hinterriss-Eng opens). I expected plenty people today going to Hochglückscharte but my expectations were exceeded by the reality.

We started quite early to avoid crowds. You only need to carry skis first 50 meters from the parking lot. We start skinning and seeing around 12 people in front of us in distance. There is still lot of snow (compare to the pictures shared from the previous years, this seasons is incredible). Few skitourers went to Hochglück today. We have dozen of people in front of us, another 50 behind us. We are amazed how many skitourers are here today. You need to experience it to believe it and better plan for the next time. The bank holiday in German with weather forecast looked great, fresh snow with good avalanche forecast and the toll road opened the first day - what do you need more?

As soon as we arrive to the top narrow part of Hochglückscharte, there is “skitourers jam”. As I give up with my friend on going futher on skis, we try to walk but the snow is deep - we are up to our waist in the snow, very hard to walk up as it is powdery. We move to the side to empty the col. We rather ski down now, too many people up here and also approaching from below.

The top part is very good - deep powder. It turns to crust on more flat parts of Hochglückkar as it was in shade until late morning. As we traverse Kirchl, the snow became slushy and easier for turns. We saw few smaller avalanches around Eiskarl - snow falling from upper parts. It made quite a noise sometimes, but nothing big, few smaller slides of snow as the falling snow lands.

The parking lot is full of cars on our return. More cars were arriving, even new skitourers - starting around noon. Not ideal conditions today for us, enjoyable skitour after all. We regret not doing it earlier with bikes. Perhaps the next winter seasons.

Hochglückscharte Karwendel skitour - May 19

Tour info

1.5 hour
Parking lot at Parkplatz Alpengasthof Eng, free (toll road 4.5 euros, opened today)
around 2:20 hours

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