Karwendel: Schönalmjoch skitour - Jan 19

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We were not lucky having sunny weekends this month. Today was an exception! Group of people from IMG (International Munich group) organized skitour to Schönalmjoch. Thanks Katja for organizing!

The tour starts from Hinterriß village in Karwendel. We were 8 of us today, bigger group than yesterday as I went just alone :-). Skitour starts right from the parking lot. The most of the climbing is through the forest (it’s protective area all around so no shortcuts). The forest opens itself after 2 hours of climbing. As soon as the treeline ends, the summit is visible with all the lines from the top - can’t wait to draw mine!

Sun was shining all the way up. The clouds came when we reached the top. Suddenly from t-shirt, 2 more layers to keep me warm. Around 8 other people already waiting for their descent. The views are incredible if weather allows. Look around and peaks like Glossglocker, Zugspitze.

Descent was good, round 20 cm of powdery snow. The bottom part more crusty. Once we reach the bottom part, we have to put skins back on, to climb back on track we went up (there are nature protective areas as I mentioned earlier). Then ski again until the parking lot. This part had also good snow, lot of tracks as you can see in the pictures below. Compare to yesterday with Wank skitour, the forest road goes down all the day, no need to push just keep going and making your turns.

Schönalmjoch skitour - Jan 19

Tour info

1 hour 20 minutes
Parking lot at Hinterriß Wanderparkplatz, free
around 3 hours

Activity view

Note: I forgot to resume my watch so the gpx contains the drop from the summit to the end of the first descent.