Tegernsee: Neureuth trails mtb - August 20

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The Neureth bike ride was planned during the week to avoid crowds but due to workload we did not manage to go. We postponed it to Saturday morning although the weather forecast was not looking promising.

We started early in the morning from a parking lot near train station Tegernsee. The Neureth access road from south starts to be steep after the hiking parking lot (the last accessible parking lot. It is usually full in the morning but not this time). I rode the uphill section to Neureuth the previous year, but I did not realize when I planned it this week. There is another access road from the north that could be less strenuous (we shall try the next time). We pushed a bit, cycled a bit. We reached the hut in less than an hour. The place was not crowded, it could be due to storms reported to come later in the afternoon.

From Neureuth, you have to first go through the meadow to enter the forest. The last time I took the wrong turn and descended down a trail that was full of fallen trees. Just follow the hiking trail. There are two or three intersections so be careful where to turn (there are at least 2 other possibilities to choose different trails down). The trail itself is in very good condition, rated S2. It is a rooty trail containing also rocks with moderate switchbacks.

Once we got down to the lake, we took a turn soon after we passed our parking spot. We could have used Prinzenweg to go up, but as I did not realize it earlier we were riding on a different uphill access road. The beginning is 23% road for 150 meters or so then becomes less steep. Although it usually becomes less steep so it is still much easier than the morning ascent to Neureuth. The Leeberg trail is easy to find. The trail is rated as S2. There are a couple of drops, otherwise traverse down with a couple of harder spots.

We all concluded it was fun!

Neureuth trails mtb - August 20

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45 minutes from Munich
Near Tegernsee trail station
2:45 hours

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