Mangfall mountains: Breitenstein mtb trails - Apr 20

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Well, well, getting up at 6 am when you finally get a day off (bank holiday here in Bavaria) is not ideal, but sitting at home is even worse.

Martin chose a bike round around Breitenstein. The first and largest climb to Kesselalm was really steep. Lets be honest, it was hard work (without getting off your bike or stopping). We traversed to Aiblinger Hütte.

The descent was really fun though. It starts from the Aiblinger Hütte. Some parts were tricky due to the wet roots which are super slippery. The trail is S2. Once we descended, we started climbing again using the cycling trail leading to Schwarzenberg. This is where the second trail of the day awaits. The first part of the Schwarzenberg trail (S2) is fine as the last year, but unfortunately the second part got worse as Martin recalls. We carried our bikes couple of times, since there were fallen trees along the way. It was totally muddy and not maintained. We carried our bikes for most of the way. Luckily you can easily avoid it by taking the road at the crossroad - there is only one. I wish we took the road earlier! The second part is much shorter than the first, so you won’t miss much.

The trail ends on a cycling path that goes around Schwarzenberg. This is ca. halfway though the whole round. From here on, the way continues on cycling paths all the way to the parking lot. There are some smaller ascents, but no more trials.

Back at the parking lot, one can get a treat from the bakery. They are open and serve everything to go. Get’em calories!

Breteinstein trail hunting mtb - Apr 20

Tour info

50 minutes
Parking place at Winkl (There is free parking lot above Cafe)
3:30 hours

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Note: Something went wrong with Garmin watch (there is a glitch we did no return from Aiblinger Huette but continued)