Mangfall mountains: Schwarzenberg mtb - Sept 19

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We are currently having Indian summer in Germany! Because of the sunny weekend, roads were jammed around Munich. We found schwarzenberg bike trail near Bad Feilnbach to go to on Sunday.

We started from the swimming pool’s parking lot, as most of the other parking lots were full (probably because of Appel market this weekend). Our primary mission was to disappear in the forests as streets were packed by cars and people. Once we did, the first climb of the day was ahead but only for few minutes. The forest road continues to go around Schwarzenberg peak, slowly up and down, you can enjoy scenery on your right. The climbing starts from Hundham where you take alpenstrasse. This road leads to the peak. The last hundred meters below the summit are however forbidden for cyclists (there are wooden stairs made for hikers). We had to walk to the summit - it takes 5 minutes only. There were dozen of people sitting on grass and enjoying warm and sunny Sunday.

The trail starts right after you pass by Schwarzenberg peak. Be aware, there are 2 fences for animals not that far from each other. There have at least marking to make them visible from distance. The Scharzenberg trail has a smooth start that becomes more steep after first hundred meters. We met only 4 people on the trail, no bikers. The middle part is quite muddy. We knew there will be some wooden bridges but did not expect them to be damaged and aged. There is mud all around. Also rainy days during the week helped here. We carried our bikes for few minutes. As soon as you cross the road and continue going down through the forest, the trail becomes dry all the day down. One note, there are 2 rock drops one after other that lead to muddy patch (you might have it dry). This section surprised us on blue marked bike trail (on trailforks). Otherwise all good, I would rate S1 (the rocky drops described above would be S2).

Enjoy these sunny warm days!

Schwarzenberg trail mtb - Sept 19

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