Berchtesgadener Alps: Salzburger Hochtron hike - Oct 19

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I have been in the bike saddle most of the time in the recent days. We used every spare evening or weekend to go on wheels. The Indian summer was surprisingly long and sunny. The last Saturday was different as we decided to go to Salzburger Hochtron. You can spot the lift station from the highway when entering Germany. There is a rock wall that you do not need to climb (you can though) but rather just cross via a hiking trail.

We started at Glanegg. There is a parking lot, paid, where already at 9 am we found the last remaining spot (cars already parked along the road). There is winter closure for the Dopplersteig trail. The fixed lines are down in many places. This however did not force people to hike during such sunny Saturday. We were meeting lot of people on the trail going up.

The Dopplersteig ascent is nice. It starts to go along the stream with many waterfalls and then it opens and you are looking at the rock wall and wondering where are you going. The moment that might scare few people. We walked on wooden stairs, the elevation gain is quick here. We were at the crossroad after 2 hours hiking. Taking here the right trail that leads to the rock wall. The most interesting part of the day. The most of fixed ropes were down for the winter. We pass by Zeppezauerhaus and going up to Geiereck first. Not crowded on the top, we continued to Salzburger Hochtron. Berchtesgaden, Dachstein and others can be spot from here. And also black crows not afraid of people, flying around us.

We descended to Zeppezauerhaus for a short break. We found out this was their last day for 2019 season, they will return in 2020. We got lucky today. We returned via Reitsteig, much easier to descent here. There are lot of stairs, in the first kilometers. It took us around 1:45 hour to go down to the car.

Salzburger Hochtron hike - Oct 19

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1:40 hour
Parking lot at Glanegg, paid (don’t recall the price)
6 hours

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