Mangfall mountains: Wendelstein and Lacherspitze evening hike - Jun 19

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Beautiful afterwork hike in Bayrischzell, Wendelstein and Lacherspitz. It was supposed to be the hottest day of the year in Munich - forecast 35 degrees. Despite these very hot days in the recent weeks, there are still patches of snow in Prealps.

Our evening hike was a private tour - no people. It might be because of the temperature or it was evening, no hikers around. Who would expect empty Wendelstein summit? Anyway, our goal for the day was Lacherspitz. Friends saw Wendelstein during ascending to Lacherspitz and quickly convinced me to do detour. The highlight of the hike was 2 Chamois on top of the rock observing us (see the picture gallery below) near Lacherspitz. Afterwards we watch the sunset, the sun hide behind Wendelstein and we continued to our starting point. This was relaxing evening after the workday.

Wendelstein and Lacherspitze evening hike - Jun 19

Tour info

55 minutes
Parking lot at Sudelfeld ski resort, free
4:30 hours

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