Tegernsee: Rossstein hike - Jun 19

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I went for a bike ride around Hischberg this week. While I was ascending, I noticed hut between two rocky summits - this was the Tegernseer hut. Our friends agreed to our proposal for the hike to Rossstein, the summit next to the hut.

The ascent goes up very quickly through the forest. The trail becomes less steep at Sonnberg Alm Hochleger. This is the place where you can see Rossstein and Buchstein summits. There were few climbers visible below the rocks preparing for their climbs. The next part of the trail is the most interesting - marked as “klettersteig”. I was scared at first when reading some blogs without much details. It is only couple of fixed ropes, regular scrambling. It is narror sometimes. Thus if people are going down this way, you might need to wait a bit. In our case, we had to wait for a big group to descent. The hut is already opened. The descent via Altweibersteig is closed at the moment - the note is placed at the parking lot and also at the hut.

We decided to descend via alternative trail that goes from Rossstein. This was another scrambling part. We reached the gravel road leading to Rosssteinalm where we met couple of bikers. There is also a trail going through the forest. The initial parts are steep, narrow, not much suitable for bikes. The second part of the forest trail becomes much more suitable for mtb. The trail from Röhrlmoosalm back to the parking lot goes along the beautiful creek. It leads back to Glasshuette road, 1 kilometer from the parking lot.

Rossstein hike - Jun 19

Tour info

1:10 hour
Parking lot at Bayerwald, 3 euros per day
4 hours

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